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We are a group of moms who support each other and the community.  This is a web site full of resources for moms who live primarily in (bot not limited to) Northern Marin:   Marinwood, Mont Marin, Lucas Valley, Terra Linda and Novato.  It is certainly open to moms who live in other places in Marin too, but activities are likely to be centered in the Northern San Rafael area.


  • We are working moms and stay at home moms.
  • Our members have new borns as well as teenagers.  We are not affiliated with any organizations. 
  • We get together for playgroups, parties, moms night out, park dates, etc
  • We ask each other questions on our email Forum.
  • We support each other
  • We support each others' businesses
  • There is no cost to belong to MarinwoodMoms. 
  • We just ask that you participate in whatever way is comfortable for you!


We have a great on-line Forum so you can ask parenting questions, child care resources, neighborhood events and alerts or anything else you'd like to share. 

Marinwood Moms utilizes BigTent for it's on-line community platform.  To join Marinwood Moms please follow the instructions in the BigTent box below:


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When you submit your request to join, PLEASE be sure to indicate where you live and a bit about yourself!  Membership to this group is limited to moms (or primary caregivers).

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kids playing at Marinwood park
Playing at Marinwood Park.

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Preschool Halloween Parade.
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